QC Quick Charge      Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger - USB Port*1, 1.8A      


- For Qualcomm 2.0 enabled devices.
- Experiencing the ultra high speed charge.
- Reduce the amount of charging time up to 75%.
- Built-in with the Latest Qualcomm 2.0 technology!
- 3 Charge Speeds.  Maximize charge speed.
(1) 5V DC, 1.8A
(2) 9V DC, 1.8A
(3) 12V DC, 1.35A

- Ultra high speed charge.  Fully charge your devices before your notice.
- Charge Qualcomm 2.0 enabled devices.

DIA(L*W*H); Weight:
Single USB Port
Cable: 1000mm/3.3ft. long, OD 3.0mm with Micro USB Connector
OD 28.8*61.1mm; 17.47g.; Glossy Housing

(1 ) Single USB Port, (2) Optional Micro USB Cable, (3) LED-blue*1pc.