Connect      Type C to USB Type A Adaptor, USB 3.1 GEN1      


- For Type C and USB Type A devices with a normal 
  (1) Micro USB vs USB Type A cable, or 
  (2) Accessory built-in with a USB Type A connector, 
        such as Thumb Drive, power bank, Mouse or keyboard.
- Sync    : Type C & USB Type A devices.
- Charge:  USB Type A via Type C devices.
- Built-in with a Type C connector & USB Type A female. 
- No need to pay for high priced Type C accessories.

With a normal Micro USB vs USB Type A Cable,
- Sync    : 5G speed (USB 3.1 GEN 1).
- Charge:  Up to 5V 3A, 15W.
- Adaptive interface.  Reversible and compact.  Improve durability.

DIA(L*W*H); Weight:
28*17*9.8mm; 7.91g.; Matte finishes

(1 ) Type C Connector, (2) USB Type A Female