MFI      Headphones with Lightning Connector-Remote Control      


- Tailor made for Apple devices with and without 3.5DC jack.  Universal Apple Devices.
- Built-in with licensed Apple L.A.M. & Lightning connector to ensure access to
   Apple devices’ audio properly.
- 3 buttons Remote Control with built-in mic. for
- Remote Control Buttons for Free Access to Apple Devices’ Audio.
- 3 buttons Remote control with mic. for
  (1) Volume Control - momentarily press to + or - repeatedly during call or music stream.
  (2) Next Track - double press to
  (3) Previous Track - triple press to
  (4) Music & Video Pause - momentarily press to
MFB during steaming.
  (5) Music & Video Resume - momentarily press to
MFB during pause.
  (6) Call Answer & End - momentarily press to
  (7) Voice Dial - press for 1 sec. to
MFB with a beep from earpieces.
- No need to pay for high priced Apple headphone.

Pro audio performance
- Rich, detailed and accurate sound reproduction.
- Amazing bass response for all types of music.
- Impressive sound isolation.
- 48 kHz/24 bit, 112dB SNR,  -93dB THD+N, 138mW of power amplifier.
- Adaptive interface. Reversible and compact.  Improved durability.

Cable: 1000mm/3.3ft.; 330mm/1.09ft. to earpieces; OD: 2.5mm with Lightning connector
Earpieces: OD: 12mm*24.5mm; Metallic Housing

(1) V+ button, (2) Multi Function button, (3) V- button,
(4) Microphone, (5) Lightning Connector