MFI      Braided Power/sync Cable, Lightning - Metal Encased      

#USB-10CX5A2, 20CU4A1

-Metal encase for sleek & contemporary look

-User friendly anti-slip grip.

-Super resilient. 10 times more durable than standard cables.

-Various colors & lengths for different occasion - 4ft; 6ft; 9ft and more...


- Sync     : 480Mb, USB 2.0
- Charge : 5V 2.4A, 12W
- Adaptive interface, reversible and compact.  Improve durability.


Cable spec.(tip to tip) :

4ft_Φ3.30mm; 6ft_Φ3.8mm; 9ft_Φ4.5mm±5cm

Lightning Housing:
4ft_13*9.2*6mm; 6ft_15.5*9.55*5.85mm; 9ft_16*11*6mm, metallic finish
USB Type A Housing:
4ft_17*15*6.2mm; 6ft_17*15*6.8mm; 9ft_17*16.2*7.08mm, metallic finish