Wireless      Wireless Charger/Holde/Night Light+Power Bank,5000mAh      


Experience wireless charging using the Qi wireless standard, which delivers up to 10W to your devices and 7.5W to your iPhone.  

Input  :  5V 2.1A

Output :  5V 2.1A, 10W


Patented Angel Adjustable Holder
The patented Anti-Slip stands, lets you charge your device and viewing your favorite program simultaneously.  It can be fold up to totally flat for travelling purposes.


Multi-Color Aura Night Light
Lets you charge your handset and viewing your favorite program.


Case Compatible
Charge through most cases - up to 8mm.  


Charge efficiency could be decrease due to thicker case. Ensure to remove case which is with metal parts before charging.


LED Indications

Constant White     : Power on

Constant Blue       : Charging in process, Charge completed

Flash Blue & white: FOD


148*79*26mm; Silicone + ABS